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Marketing for Medical Offices

Marketing Solutions for Medical Offices

Are you the owner or a manager of medical office? Are you looking for experienced marketing professionals? You have come to the right place!

At Goldeye Media we specialize in medical industry marketing. We have been working with medical centres, dental offices and even start-ups in the medical field for many years, focusing on web.

Mobile Search Algorithm Upcoming Google Update (April 21, 2015 Update)

What is Mobilegeddon?


Website on mobile devices

This name webmasters and SEO companies gave to the future Google update, which will fully implement ranking distinction of websites that have mobile version and websites without mobile version. Until April 2015 Google gave some preference to website with mobile-friendly versions, starting April 21-st.

You may have a few related questions, we’ll try to answer them.

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What Are Local Mini-Sites?

One of the elements that Google considers in it ranking analysis is the “exact match domain”, or a relevant keyword included at the website name. For example:, or, or

Why it is good to have?

A website under such “keyword domain” can jump to the 1 page without too many efforts, the formula is simple: domain keyword + professionally done related content + low to medium competition on the issued keyword (or key phrase). This formula is perfect for grabbing some quality leads from people who are looking for service at their geographic area.

Use of Social Media in Different Industries

In modern world, people mostly communicate through social networks. This means that many businesses are or going to start to take advantage of it. Social media offers business owners and PR managers an opportunity to engage in conversation with and receive immediate feedback from their potential clients, business partners, industry followers and even competitors. Establishments can make a good use of social media to find out public opinion about the company and use this information in order to improve company image, product and services, or to generate positive attitude towards the brand.

In fact, it does not matter in what field a company is trying to succeed – social media and public opinion are two crucial elements without which can prove very difficult to maintain a company. However, it is also very important to make a right choice between various social networks as they all serve different purposes; wrong choice and poor maintenance may seriously damage the business name and reputation. In this case every business owner or marketing manager will ask a fair question – “How should I choose proper social network for my business?” There are few steps in answering this question.

Ethnic (Multicultural) Advertising and Online Marketing

No matter if you are a self-employed individual starting your own business, a small business of 5-15 workers or a huge organization which employs an entire department of marketers, ethnic advertising is one of the smartest investments in the business world.

Why? The message that you are sending will be optimized for your audience, allowing you to broaden the possibilities of catching the attention of potential clients. That is the power of ethnic advertising – the ability to let you match your advertisements to the cultural or social layer of our society that you want to reach.

Blogging Toronto

Blogging is widely used as a tool by marketing companies’ nowadays. But why blogging is so important for your SEO?

It’s simple. Google recognizes text and likes quality content. The more the better, and the better means the more competitive you are online.

Internet marketing companies are insisting for the use of blogging in each website because it helps with search engine optimization and adds accessibility by “log-tail” key-phrases which customers seek out for. An example, if you’re a Toronto physician specializing in providing healthcare for infants and children (pediatrician), and you want your patients to recognize you by the kind of work you do, you might want to write a descriptive blog article about “Healthcare for infants and children in Toronto”. In this case people who look for such services will have a great chance of finding you through your blog post. Another example would be, say, you’re a woodworker and you want to promote your brand new custom cabinets in your area, you might want to write a blog article about “Modern custom cabinets – Toronto trends”. A blog article is considered to be its own entity, a web page which we can call a “landing page” because when the customer finds your website online, he will be directed exactly to your Toronto blog post. On top of it, when your blog contains useful information, visitor’s conversion would be stronger – they will consider your company as more experienced in this industry.

Effective blogging is powerful indeed. Therefore, your SEO campaign should include an active blog on your website. Weekly or bi-weekly blog posts will help tremendously with your marketing and SEO goals. Blogging for the long-term, over a period of 6 months, will increase your website traffic by 200-300% !!!. And as mentioned previously above, Google loves text. Potential clients will find you directly through your blog campaign. If you noticed, you can tell by reading this blog article that it is SEO (Search Engine) optimized.

Therefore, consider talking to your Toronto SEO consultant at Goldeye Media. As online marketing experts, we will guide you through the blogging process and help you with writing your blog articles. We have a large SEO portfolio to backup our experience and our SEO portfolio covers many fields of business.

Toronto SEO Company for Renovation & Home Improvement Contractors

search engines optimization

Optimize Your Website

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most effective advertising tools out in the market today.

Contractors and Home improvement experts, this is your chance!

Today, Goldeye Media specializes in developing company websites for contractors and home builders

Choosing a Toronto SEO Company?

When you choose a Toronto SEO company for your field there are few important things to consider:
Value, service, delivery, and price.

The best SEO agency will provide you with clear solutions based on your needs. Whether you want exposure, brand awareness, or incoming phone-calls, you must let your SEO company know exactly what you value before making further commitments. This is the crucial first step, even before you contact your Toronto SEO agency. Make a list of your short-term and long-term goals and get a clearer vision of what you would like to achieve for yourself and your company website.

Early 2013 Web Projects – laser welding and micro welding service company. Laser Weld Creation is servicing industrial customer for USA and Canada, focusing on medical, military, automotive, aircraft and aerospace industries. As a great sample of good content and professional on-site settings, this company is rated by Google search engine on 1 page by “Laser Welding Canada”, “Laser Welding USA” and many more keywords. – a clean and beautiful website of Toronto based medical office. Congratulations! One more customer we are happy to grow side by side!

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