WordPress Maintenance

According to W3Techs, 32% of all websites in 2018 utilizing WordPress content management system. It is almost one-third of websites. Every 3-d website in our Earth Civilization!

Why WordPress is so popular?

It has unlimited capacities for upgrades: connection to endless marketing tools, e-commerce modules & integration to all major market-places, easy intuitive content management control, and recently upgraded with many extra-security plugins. Every internet user, even with the basic computer skills can edit WordPress platform based sites with a few clicks.

WordPress maintenance.

Its cost is a pleasant surprise. Because WordPress (WP) is so popular and offers so many add-ons, it comes with a few issues:

• Malware targeting WP websites, as the most popular ones, using them for “black hat SEO”, spammy mail blasts and infection hub for servers or computers. When a WordPress site is infected, it has to be cleaned right away, or its domain will be penalized by Google.

• Sometimes for best performances webmasters must optimize the server (hosting) versions to allow WP websites smooth and fast run.

• Every few months a new version of core WordPress is getting out; sometimes at this stage particular plugin or few plugins might have a miscommunication with the new core. Plugins must be updated by themselves, and before updating part of WordPress its strongly recommended to backup all files, including an updated database of the website.

• Like every platform WP must be maintained for all external enforcements – updated (or new) technologies, Google & other search engines algorithm updates, current design or user interface trends and more.

All these are pretty difficult to do when you a content manager or simply WordPress website owner without web-development background. But do not worry – this is the part where our services come in!

Goldeye Media team has been developing, re-designing and maintaining WordpPress websites since 2010, we have our own dedicated server optimized for WP platform requirements, and we service dozens of active websites for monthly maintenance or occasional WP assistance.

Contact us today and get a free estimate on your WP website maintenance.