Co-op and Internship

new media internship in GTA

Learn SEM & SMM with Goldeye Media team!

Goldeye Media believes that young specialists need to be properly prepared for work before graduating from college or university. At school you will learn a lot of useful theory, however there is very little time to understand of all the details and secrets that happen in the real job. That is why we offer Co-op and Internship programs for Creative Writing, Marketing and Web-Developing students in Toronto and
You will get the chance to write an article that will be posted on a real website, work with the Word Press engine and create a website from scratch. Learn marketing and advertising strategies and much more. This knowledge and experience will be very useful for your future career and help your resume stand out from the others.

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I really enjoyed working for Goldeye Media for my co-op term. I learned a lot whilst working here, the largest of which being working with WordPress and learning how to moderate websites. I liked the experience I got and that I got a chance to write articles that actually had a large effect on a website. The experience further developed my skills with website development and article writing.

 – Jacob Stellato

There no other placement I’d rather have spent my co-op term at than for Goldeye Media. My fellow employees were an absolute joy to be around. I have gained a multitude of experience and skills far beyond what I expected. I had the opportunities to interview company customers, publicly publish my articles and run my own blogposts. Goldeye was an experience like no other that gave me the hands-on expertise that will allow me to flourish and in which I will carry with me for the rest of my schooling career and into my future life.

Alexandrea Fiorante

Through the various writing tasks and challenges I have learned to face during my time at Goldeye, I have become more accustomed to the work ethic of a real office and the importance of customer satisfaction. Alex, Yulia, Eugene and all the students involved in this placement are truly helpful and welcoming, I could not have asked for a more joyous co-op experience. A massive token of appreciation toward to entire team and their hard work!

 –Rosanne Wang

Working at Goldeye Media has been a very knowledgeable opportunity to experience as it has allowed me to further develop my grammar and writing skills accordingly to help support the career I wish to pursue in my future. My placement has provided me with valuable employability skills to help forever benefit my future participation in the workforce and I am more than grateful to have been given the chance to work alongside such wonderful workers.

– Jordan Cairns