Ethnic (Multicultural) Advertising and Online Marketing

No matter if you are a self-employed individual starting your own business, a small business of 5-15 workers or a huge organization which employs an entire department of marketers, ethnic advertising is one of the smartest investments in the business world.

Why? The message that you are sending will be optimized for your audience, allowing you to broaden the possibilities of catching the attention of potential clients. That is the power of ethnic advertising – the ability to let you match your advertisements to the cultural or social layer of our society that you want to reach.

Another advantage of ethnic advertising is that it is a relatively new way of advertising in Canada. It is widely used in multicultural countries with large amount of newcomers such as the USA, Israel, and France. It is also popular in regions with mixed population or mixed cultures (ethnic or religious segments), and it provides agencies with unbelievable results. For some reason, in Canada, despite our highly diversified population, advertising agencies almost do not use Ethnic Medias as an advertising channel at all. With population made up of 45% immigrants in the GTA, you can expect this way of marketing to became popular and highly efficient in the very near future.

As for today, the Canadian market mostly has locally printed ethnic medias, plus ethnic channels on cable TV. How can an advertising agency or a business take advantage of ethnic advertising in the age of online marketing?

There are a few ways of implementing ethnic marketing online:

  • Adding multilingual parts to a company website. Here in the Greater Toronto Area, multilingual community populations reach numbers of upwards from 300000 people, meaning that many people may search for products and services in their native languages. Even though a minority of these may actually do so (some 3% to 5%), and many will search keywords in English, having multiple languages on your website will create a positive atmosphere and may increase the chances of a visitor becoming a customer. Also, as many ethnic groups settle in communities, you can target your PPC campaign to specific regions if you know of any such communities.
  • Using Google’s Pay Per Click (Google Adwords) engine to target desired lingual segments. PPC settings allow to show your ads to users who’s computers are using an operating system in a particular language. For example if you have a halal meat store, you can choose to only show your advertisements to people who use Arabic or Farsi operation systems; but if you are distributor of Judaic’s you may consider to choose Hebrew speakers as your goal.
  • If your services are concerned with import, export, immigration law, or international trades, you can gain a critical advantage and open a completely new market for your company when translating your website content for different (targeted) languages.

On a side note, remember that if you are creating landing pages on your site in a foreign language you may receive calls from clients who feel more comfortable, or only speak, that language. For example, if you have decided to target Spanish speaking clientele, you have to make sure there is a Spanish speaking person in your company that can speak with them.

Many industries and businesses, especially international companies, can benefit from ethnic advertising or marketing. If you are considering investing your marketing budget into ethnic or multicultural marketing contact Goldeye Media’s experts – our speciality is ethnic advertising and online marketing, we do both or combine them together to get you where you need to go.