Mobile websites

Online marketing and e-commerce experts say that by the end of 2013 60% of websites user will be visiting websites using their mobile devices.

In general, the projections is that in the coming decade mobile devices and smartphones are going to be main technological challenge for IT industry, it going to rule and push IT industry up for next ten years.

We can already see it today: some industries must have an mobile website as their clientele is mostly make searches from mobile devices, “on the way”. It is essential to have a mobile website to locksmiths, towing companies, transport providers, restaurants, tourist attractions and many other sectors.

What is a mobile website?

Most of today’s desktop websites have the “adaptive design” included, meaning users can browse it on their mobile devices and smart-pones. But mobile devices usually have miniature screens, and it is quite difficult to navigate a “desktop website” with large amount of menu links and information blocks, user has to stretch and squeeze the website on his touch-screen, this is not so user-friendly and may result with the user’s escape’s.

A mobile website is a user-friendly, adapted version of your desktop website. Usually there is less amount of information and visual graphics, the content arranged in a way that allow users easy browsing, without “breaking the fingers” and getting tired of read long texts printed in small font on the mobile phone.

There is two different ways of developing mobile-friendly website versions:

1. Regular version of your website adapted to smart phones.

2. WAP Application. This option is much more expensive and it means that your website version would be developed especially for mobile-browsers.

Option one usually used for small businesses that need to be found and that easily deliver their website content. Option two usually used by large companies that need a mobile website with some proven functionality inside. For example transportation company which need the user to conduct a search for particular bus or destination inside the mobile website.