What Are Local Mini-Sites?

One of the elements that Google considers in it ranking analysis is the “exact match domain”, or a relevant keyword included at the website name. For example: torontocollisioncentre.com, or cleancarpetottawa.ca, or grandeprairiewindowsanddoors.ca.

Why it is good to have?

A website under such “keyword domain” can jump to the 1 page without too many efforts, the formula is simple: domain keyword + professionally done related content + low to medium competition on the issued keyword (or key phrase). This formula is perfect for grabbing some quality leads from people who are looking for service at their geographic area.


More benefits:

local mini-website

Mini-websites for local businesses

It’s also great for general conversion of leads from the same region. People like local service providers; and by seeing their area mentioning or some familiar visuals or may be even testimonials of your clients from this area, local customers are gaining trust to your service.

Local mini-sites are also beneficial for your PPC – by having them online you can launch dedicated local campaigns, with low competition (and lower cost per click) and higher conversion rate.

Additional benefit of building local mini-sites is that you can use it to create quality back-link to your main corporate website, something like [ “Vaughan Photography” is a sub-division of “ABC Studios” ]. This link would be considered by search engines as a solid link from matching industry, which is great for your main website ranking.


So, those are the steps:

–       Run domain research, find & buy your EMD (exact match domains). Hurry up, they are going fast!

–       Create or order some matching content. The text on pages that Google likes should contain 400-500 words about the topic, but been easy to read and navigate at the same time. It is recommended to create 5-6 pages on such mini-sites to have best result.

–       Launch it and see what happens!


Or, if you prefer to spend your time on what you do best – running your business, call Goldeye Media experts – we will run keyword research, domain research for you; find proper design layout and think of local visuals, create the copy writing and put together a new, search engine friendly website.