Meet Our Team

Timon Potseluev, Art Director

Timon Potseluev, Art Director

About me: I like music (I’m a real old-school rocker), love my family and my work.

BIO: Ever since I could remember, I was dreamed of managing my own team and developing great websites. Then I was fortunate enough to meet Alex, and here I am, putting my skills to work.

Personal message: Life is too short for a bad job!

Albina Chernozhukova, Programmer


About me: I like cats. I spend my free time listening to music and reading science and historical fiction.

BIO: My initial education and work were completely different from what I am doing now. During all my years of working in the IT industry I have never regretted the change of profession. Now I love what I do, and do what I love!

Personal Message: If you have a good sense of humour, you can easily survive the absence of anything else.

Natalia Tikhonova, Commercial Photographer 


About me: I am a curious person, I like to learn new things. Here in Canada, I’ve begun jogging, biking, camping, but not fishing yet :). My dream is to enjoy gardening, but it is just a dream because I don’t have time for it, since there is so much to do!

BIO: My career is commercial photography; I specialize in creating promotional pictures for catalogues, packaging, and websites. My experience in many kinds of advertising photography such as products, jewelry, food, interior, and fashion, helps me create unique styles for my clients’ businesses. I have been working with small businesses in Toronto for a number of years, because I find it delightful to see their growth.

Leon Khasminsky, Video Production Guru

leonAbout me:  I enjoy my  classic guitar, long rides on my motor bike, and scuba diving with sharks.

BIO: As a Professional Engineer P. Eng in Industrial and Manufacturing Systems by education, I found my passion in videography, or rather, in cinematography. Cinematographer is not just your average-Joe with a camera, but an artiste.

This presents the opportunity to embrace a challenge and execute my vision; from making the script to getting it on film, it requires me to adapt my creativity to the client’s desires and their budget.

Personal message:  Before you dismiss your dreams, wait until they come true.

Laura Llord, Project Manager Assistant

About Me: I like spending time with my family and friends, biking and watch movies..

Bio: I am a passionate of digital marketing with a background in Speech Language Pathology. I was born in Spain and I moved to Canada in 2012, it was then when I decided to change my career path and I couldn’t be happier.

Personal Message: : “Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.” ― John Lennon

Alex Rakhmilevitch, SEO Magician & Company CEO

Alex Rakhmilevitch, CEO

About me: I like biking, fishing, and joking. My dream is to buy a yacht and sail for a year long trip around the world.

BIO: I was born in Russia, made a career in Israel and brought my knowledge to Canada in 2008. I worked with everything from small businesses to huge corporations; my last job before moving to Canada was being a web-master of the largest Israeli bank, called Hapoalim. I’ve been passionate about the Internet and online projects since 1999.

Personal message: The first 30 years you work for your Business, next 30 years the Business works for You!