Mobile Search Algorithm Upcoming Google Update (April 21, 2015 Update)

What is Mobilegeddon?


Website on mobile devices

This name webmasters and SEO companies gave to the future Google update, which will fully implement ranking distinction of websites that have mobile version and websites without mobile version. Until April 2015 Google gave some preference to website with mobile-friendly versions, starting April 21-st.

You may have a few related questions, we’ll try to answer them.


a. What will happen on April 21?

At mobile search Google will give preference to the websites that have mobile-friendly version. We’ll probably see different results in desktop and at mobile search, so web-properties that have mobile version would get better spot when you search on mobile device.

b. What is mobile version?

Its additional, dedicated version of your website that makes its browsing easier when visitor use their phones & mobile devices. These versions are adapted for “fingertips” browsing, with enlarged objects and easy to scroll menus

c. My website is kinda “scalable” when I enter it from my phone. Is this called mobile friendly version?

Nope, sorry. If the width of it responsive and fits itself to your phone screen it’s still not a mobile-friendly website.

d. How can I check the mobile-friendliness of my website?

Go to and test it. This google page will tell you whenever your website fits its guideline or not. If it doesn’t, this testing page will tell you what’s wrong and even suggest how to deal with it.

e. Will Mobilegeddon hurt me?

Yes, you are gonna die. Just kidding 🙂 But seriously, this algorithm update can seriously hit some industries; for example builders and renovators have almost 40% traffic coming from mobile devices, entertainment (especially restaurants) might have even bigger number of mobile visitors. Locksmiths, towing companies, body shops and such must definitely take action. Besides, there are only benefits of having mobile version – your website is easy to navigate, looks modern and professional. And that’s the face of your company after all.

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