Reputation Boost

Dear Customers,

We are finally happy to announce our new “Reputation Boost” service!

Nowadays, most businesses relay on what previous experience with a product or service people had. Access to company reputation is easier than ever – just Google it!

Besides, customer’s reviews are now an important company’s popularity indicator for Google, in other words, when people talk good about your company, it gets more credit from search engines and your company ranks higher in search results.

However, there is an obstacle. One thing is to provide a quality service, but the other is to make your customer leave a review. We had many quotes and requests in 2016 from variety of business owners on how to generate more reviews online.

Reputation Boost

What we came up with is pretty easy and affordable. Our new team member will contact your satisfied clients, and guide them on the phone on how to submit review – on Facebook, Yelp, Google Places or professional platforms like HomeStars or WeddingWire. This will provide honest and real reviews, from real people, who actually used your service.

In terms of reviews properties spam filters its perfect: your clients own real social accounts and using different IP addresses, by such you will not need to deal with these filters or get under a legal issue, when using third party company to create “fake reviews”.

How it works?

All you need to do is to provide us with a list of your customers who enjoyed your service or product. To make this process 100% efficient we will also recommend to provide appreciation perk for your customers who invested their time to submit a review. It could be a considerable discount for next order, $30 Starbucks card or some other small gift to make them feel good after helping your business. Our reputation manager will contact them and help to submit a review at their comfortable time.


If you are our SEO customer, you will have up to 3 customers we will contact every month – included in your package (just send us the list); in case you are not our SEO client or just need more reviews generated, we will offer “10 clients pack” for $300 ($30 per contact). This is an introductory rate, effective until the end of April 2017 and might be raised later.

Ready to invest a little bit into your company reputation? Give us a call!