Ethnic Advertising & Marketing

ethnic advertisement and marketingFour reasons to use ethnic channels for advertising:

1) By only sending promotional messages through mainstream media companies will often miss a large group of people with different consumer behavior and language capabilities. In some areas, the GTA for example, the ethnic segments represent about 40% of population and is expected to rise to over 50% in next 10 years.

2) Newcomers to Canada are a perfect target market, since they are new to Canada their consumer habits are essentially a “blank page” when it comes to brand loyalty.

3) Messages are better retained when communicated in people’s native language and in respect to their cultural heritage.

4) Ethnic advertisement is cost-efficient.

Ethnic advertisement works! It is already common in multicultural countries such as the USA, Israel, Australia and France. In Canada, however, the advertising industry is just starting to explore the power of ethnic advertising. The diverse number of Canadian sub-cultures makes it obvious that ethnic advertisement will become the next big trend in the advertising industry.

Online ethnic advertising is a unique solution that we provide. We combine our online marketing knowledge with ethnic advertising expertise, offering our clients targeted multilingual websites, cross-border SEO, and language targeted Pay Per Click. We can support companies both in Canada and internationally!


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