Pay Per Click Management

What is PPC?


One of our Pay Per Click managed campaigns, Mr. Potlight

PPC is an abbreviation of “Pay Per Click”, and this term is most often used when we are talking about the Google Adwords Pay Per Click platform, one of the most common and powerful tools for lead generation today.

Why hire a PPC manager?

Google Adwords is a highly efficient but equally highly complex system, with lots of unique options and many different useful tools. Normally to receive an Adwords certification a study period of 3-4 months is needed. When you hire a PPC expert, you are paying for all this valuable knowledge, the experience of a professional marketer in your industry, and freedom from many hours of research and testing so that you can do what you do best, manage your business.

An experienced PPC manager can lower your marketing campaign costs by 50%. When utilizing Goldeye Media’s taught best practices and techniques, an experienced PPC manager can have your project getting 5x more qualified clicks in the target timeframe. This means you will be connected with clients quicker and get more lead generation from the same budget.

If you are in a market for PPC manager today, give us a call and we will assist you. Optimize your existing PPC campaign or start a new one.