Search Engine Optimization

search engines optimization

Optimize Your Website

Goldeye Media offers professional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services for the Greater Toronto Area. We support small, medium, and large businesses. We work with corporations within Canada as well as International business.

Our SEO packages run as 6 month campaigns. Within a short span of time our customers see noticeable progress in their online visibility. Many clients find their websites on the top position of the first search page, easily found by hundreds of potential clients searching for their services or products.

Our Search Engine Optimization campaign  includes:

•   Website inner code (onsite) optimization
•   SEO optimized content creation
•   Landing pages development
•   Geographic search optimization
•   Social Media marketing
•   Quality external link distribution (blog-posts, relevant and legitimate forum links, social bookmarks and more)
•   Ranking reports and automated Google analytics on a monthly basis

We reinforce our SEO projects with PPC campaigns, SMM campaigns and managed blogging to maximize relevant traffic and proficiency for the clients’ websites. Our goal is to bring you new business, call Goldeye Media anytime and see how we can assist you.