Shared Marketing Manager

21694742_blogOne of the crucial elements of business development is steady growth. When your business volume is starting to become overwhelming, your service or product’s quality might decrease and this will lower your sales volume. On the other hand, when you are hiring too many workers it hurts the company’s budget and eventually leads to layoffs.

To keep steady growth, managers can outsource part of the work to another organization. This provides managers more time to focus on their service or product. This is where we come into the picture.

Introducing the “Shared” Marketing Manager

The concept is actually very simple. Every business needs to take care of some marketing needs but for many companies hiring a full-time marketing manager is not necessary. Evaluating, hiring, training, and monitoring all the potential marketing managers can be time consuming; and once you finally make your choice you have to wait until your new marketing manager starts to bring value to the company. Make things easier for yourself and let the people who work in the marketing industry do the job for you!

As a well established marketing agency working in the modern market, we have a group of innovative and exciting marketers working for us on a daily basis. Some team members are really experienced marketers with many successful projects and campaigns behind them, while others are freshly graduated from colleges and universities. They all have different skills and talents and bring their unique vision to your projects; many of them speak multiple languages. This allows us to create a database of marketing industry people and their collective knowledge for a range of industries and budgets.

All you have to do as a business owner is to tell us what demographics you are targeting and what your current project is trying to acheive. We will match you with a manager with the skills, salary requirements and weekly work hours that work with your targets.

When you hire Goldeye Media team member for your marketing project, you also receive:

  • Free help and training of your marketer on all our special services – like SEO, PPC, SMM and more
  • Additional free expertise for all your ongoing marketing projects. We are all one team at Goldeye Media and we all help each other to successfuly deliver projects.
  • Production sources in-house; visual designers, coders, copywriters, videographers and more. Imagine: your marketing projects costs will reduce twice; and these projects will be delivered 3 times faster!
  • Experienced project managers will be monitoring your project and will help your Shared Marketing Manager complete any and all assignments you give them.

With our Shared Marketing Manager program you have a lot of opportunities for your next marketing campaign to be a big success, but you will never overpay. You will decide how many days or hours you want to employ your Marketing Manager and their hourly rate will be adjusted to the current market rate.

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