Social Media Marketing


Social Media Marketing: Page Reach, Likes and Content.

Society and social interactions are quite important for every business and non-profit organization because society is the main reason why all organizations exist. To gain recognition and acknowledgement by society businesses have to pay attention to social networking and the most important part of networking today are the social media networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and many more. Reaching your audience through these channels could increase the success of your business! Social Media is often mistakenly assumed to be easy, it is actually more complicated and time-consuming than many owners expect. Instead, you can hire professional marketing experts who will help you manage all your accounts on the various social media networks.

The hardest element of Social Media is getting enough people visiting or subscribed to your public profile! There are a lot of ways and methods to do this, both free and paid options are available. You could spend over 6 months waiting while people slowly trickle in to “Like” your Facebook page or you can spend $2000 through Facebook Ad Tool to get a lot of “Likes” in a short period of time. Social Media is more than just the “Likes”, you need to know how to manage the content, how to target the right demographic or how to connect all your accounts from the many different social networks. Correct implementation and combinations of these actions will increase brand awareness among potential customers and bring new clients to your business.

Depending on your type of business and your goals we recommend different networks. For example, night club owners might need to open a Facebook account to announce up-coming parties and events, a YouTube account to show videos from previous events, and an Instagram account to share photos of visitors. A financial company or real estate agent would probably benefit more from a LinkedIn account to extend their business network. Each social network platform can be used differently by different businesses and can benefit you as well as harm your business if used incorrectly.


Goldeye Media offers the following services:

•    Connection of company website to stream social media feeds (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn). This includes business profiles on SM and trigger buttons on the company website
•    Online video development, placement and optimization
•    Blog management and profile management
•    Inner connected Social Network (keywords) optimization
•    Viral marketing campaigns
•    Social Media PPC campaigns

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