Content Creation

content-managementIn the modern business environment the fastest way for a company to succeed is to have a website that is easily found on search engines. The most efficient way to do accomplish this is a company website full of related and relevant content. If you want customers to find your services when they do an online search then you have to mention those services on your website!

As an online marketing agency we how to post content on your website according to search engine optimization guidelines. We offer many different ways to upgrade your website and make it more modern, easy to find online and more dynamic in all browsers, it is our specialty.


Blog posts are incredible for containing lots of the “demanded keywords” search engines are looking for all in one post. This helps your website get noticed by potential customers, but to convert them into clients your website will need professionally written content. Our experts will research your field and create clearly written content for your website.

Marketing Copywriting

We will research industry trends and the traffic of keyword searches online. We will then send you a list of popular topics for your approval, and create articles for your selected topics before publishing them on your website. This makes is easier for search engines such as Google to find your website. You can decide the publishing schedule.

Commercial Photography

Once you have your website positively ranked in search engines and are generating a larger amount of visitors, you need to have these visitors become customers. The best way to do this is by having all your website’s visual content looking as attractive as possible. Regardless if you are manufacturer, a realtor or a restaurant owner, your website has to showcase your products in the best way possible. This is why we have photographers available to visit you at your location with professional equipment to take photos for you. We have macro, micro or portrait photography available.

Commercial Video Creation

We can film commercial promotions for you website as well as video testimonials, multimedia or animated presentations. These add more tools to your corporate website so you can convert visitors into clients. We also do YouTube marketing and video blogging which are becoming an increasingly popular and successful way to reach clients.

Contact Goldeye Media today and see how we can assist you with the content management of your company website!