Online Blogging

blog-managementWhen you are choosing this online marketing strategy your blogging manager (us) will:

  • Research for related keywords and the traffic volume of their queries
  • Do industry research
  • Create professionally written articles, and
  • Publish them on your company website.

The purpose is to add to the amount of keywords or key phrases related your services on your website, so that potentials customers will find your website while searching for them. For example, if you are homeopathic doctor, many patients will search for the term: “homeopathic clinic” but some of them might focus their research on the term: “homeopathic remedy for spring allergy”. Visitors who will see a related blog post on your website will have a greater chance of converting to clients, because they know that they have already have found the solution for their needs.

After the average blogging campaign (6 months, 24 articles) visitor traffic to your website will increase by 300-400%. This will also improve the general SEO of the website, your website’s ranking in search engines. By adding professional articles, or FAQ, to your website you will add a truly professional touch to your company image.

If you agree that this sort of marketing will benefit your company, call Goldeye Media today, and we will be happy to assist you. All you will have to do is to provide us with approvals for the written content and to give us access to your website so that we could publish it.