Video Creation and Online Video Marketing

conversion rate grows
> Need more visitors to convert into customers on your website?

>> Want to show your potential clients how things are done in your company?

>>> Looking to market your products on YouTube?

If you just said YES to one of those, Goldeye Media team can provide you with professional assistance.


Our Video Production Services Include:


Website Intro Video: typically, you will need 1.5 to 3 minutes video presentation for company website homepage. Websites which have video intro usually catch more visitor’s attention, and have much higher “conversion rate”. Today’s internet users are looking for easy and fast “information summaries”, and video is a great option – it is not only tells people a story, but also shows dynamic picture of it.

Video Testimonials: a great option to improve your website conversion! Every business has many satisfied clients, why not showing to potential customers what are they saying about your services/products? Traditional, written testimonials don’t really work today because lots of internet users consider them as a fake. At the video testimonials on the other hand, real people are shown, local customers, with real emotions and expressions. This video format can be also used for website intro, just like on Goldeye Media’s front page!



Commercial Video Production

Video Blogging: You want to show your expertise to potential clients. Written blog articles is one way to do so, but if filming your tips on video format, this will give stronger impact; plus your website will get more shares on YouTube and social media profiles.

Multimedia Movies & Animation: your website is a sales point, most of the time it’s the first impression your customers get about your company. Short presentation is a very easy way for visitors to get an idea of what you sell, and what are the benefits of your product.


Want to see some examples? Click here to go to video samples page at portfolio.


All those “additions” for your website not only improve its look and conversion rate, but also help with its search engines ranking by providing additional weight for information completeness and marking engines about its importance. Plus, today many visitors just don’t want to spend time on reading texts, and going directly to “search videos” button.


Contact Goldeye Media experts to get a free consultation regarding video production. Ask what we can do for You!