Use of Social Media in Different Industries

In modern world, people mostly communicate through social networks. This means that many businesses are or going to start to take advantage of it. Social media offers business owners and PR managers an opportunity to engage in conversation with and receive immediate feedback from their potential clients, business partners, industry followers and even competitors. Establishments can make a good use of social media to find out public opinion about the company and use this information in order to improve company image, product and services, or to generate positive attitude towards the brand.

In fact, it does not matter in what field a company is trying to succeed – social media and public opinion are two crucial elements without which can prove very difficult to maintain a company. However, it is also very important to make a right choice between various social networks as they all serve different purposes; wrong choice and poor maintenance may seriously damage the business name and reputation. In this case every business owner or marketing manager will ask a fair question – “How should I choose proper social network for my business?” There are few steps in answering this question.

First of all you need to identify the reason why your business needs to open an account in any social media network. Depending on whether your goal is to increase brand awareness, improve customer service or upturn web-traffic, choice of the social media platform will vary. Let’s say, for example, an owner of medium-sized home renovation company is willing to find more commercial clients and start working on big renovation projects; and at the same time he wants to know people’s opinion about company previous work. In this case we can recommend him to open an account in business network such as LinkedIn or BranchOut for developing and enlarging new clientele; and also end-user targeted networks such as Instagram or Pineterest for sharing photos and short discussions.

Secondly, define your target audience – connecting with right people on the Internet will help you to reach your goals faster. Do some research and find out where your current clients and industry players usually “hang out” online. For instance, you own a small music recording company and you want to know other DJs and musicians opinion about your last track. You can register on Soundcloud – one of the most popular music sources where anyone can actually post their own work and get feedback. On the other hand if you own a night club and want to announce popular DJ spinning next Friday you definitely should use Facebook network where you can create a page for this event, invite people, sell tickets, post photos and discuss it with your guests and friends.

And the last but crucial step is to understand that the work is not done after the account is set up. It requires constant maintenance and refreshing.  Twitter requires most frequent maintenance – for optimal visibility it is recommended to tweet no less than 3 times a day, sometimes even post same information multiple times daily. LinkedIn and Facebook need several posts per week, plus managing and moderating community pages or groups, answering comments and replying messages.  At least 1-2 posts per week for any blog network such as Blogs or Tumblr should be posted. YouTube channel must have minimum 1-3 new videos per month. In fact maintaining any social network account is really time-consuming process, especially if you have accounts in more than one social media.

The main problem with all social media marketing is that not every business owner has time to write post or answer comments. For this reason most companies hire a specialist who will do it for them. Here at Goldeye Media we offer SSM services and guarantee effectiveness and results! Contacts us to start you journey through social networks today!